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There are three alternate Star Wars histories.  The first is the true history created by George Lucas.  The second is the Expanded Universe history that can be found in its entirety in a published book called the Star Wars Chronology.  The third is a history completed by the ultimate fans of Star Wars.

CAUTION: MAJOR EPISODE 3 SPOILERS! This history covers the Republic, the Jedi, the Sith, the Kyber Crystal, the Light Saber, the Rebellion, the Jedi Traitor and even Sifo Dyas!


170,000 years ago, in the Vordarian Beltway Galaxy, 850 trillion light years from our Milky Way Galaxy, a saga began. The Sith were discovered on their home world, Korriban, by the millennia old Galactic Republic. (This was about 75,000 years after the formation of the Galactic Republic under the first Supreme Chancellor, Merk Quanto.) The Sith were a primitive species, but had a powerful secret form of magic and religion. They had existed peacefully for centuries, undiscovered. Unfortunately, it was shortly after their discovery and the founding of the Jedi Order that an imbalance was created.

Kaja Sinis was a Civian born on Coruscant 25,000 years before The Phantom Menace. He was the first Jedi and founder of the Order of Jedi Bendu Knights. The term Jedi meant “light bringer” in the Civian language. Sinis created the techniques allowing one to use the Force. He discovered two sides of the Force, the good side (called “Ashla” in Civian) and the dark side (called “Bogan” in Civian). In the early years, it was the duty of a Jedi to study both the Ashla and the Bogan, but serve the Ashla or good side.

His first student or padawan was Shintor Beerus, a Twi’lek Sinis discovered on the planet Nefarion. The Jedi Academy on Coruscant grew large under the two and eventually the Civian home world, Ophuchi, was transformed into the Jedi stronghold. Kaja Sinis, aided by the Jedi scientist, Cobar Jacash, created the first light saber, as well as the first Jedi Holocron, a small hand-held cube which contained Jedi history. Cobar Jacash was a Bomewright from Sullest. Future Jedi light saber scientists tended to be Bomewrights as well.

Kaja Sinis built his light saber by finding a crystal on a secret planet to create the blade of light. Every Jedi followed in this path. They went to this secret planet and had to find either a green, blue or purple crystal in order to create their light saber. Whether this secret planet is identical with Vronioc, the most Force-sensitive planet in the Galaxy, of the Jedi stronghold planet, Ophuchi, is not known. After finding their crystal, Jedi constructed their own light sabers, often with the assistance of a Bomerwright Jedi scientist.

After training Beerus, Sinis trained many padawans, including Oton Grent, Issius Pallon, Quotar Forsh and Whel Baroc. Beerus trained many padawans as well, including Xis Latos, Don Votal, Eegis Plati and Yag Malore. The Jedi supported the Peace established by the Republic. Sadly, in Sinis’ lifetime, the Dark Jedi were created by a rogue Jedi named Zooti Frugan. Dark Jedi could act as free agents, choosing any color of light saber they could create and even training themselves without a master. These Dark Jedi studied both sides of the Force, but emphasized the dark side or the Bogan. With the rebellion of Zooti Froogan and others, the Jedi Council under Kaja Sinis saw that an imbalance had been created, so the practice of studying the dark side was disbanded. Nonetheless, the Dark Jedi were already flourishing.

The Sith were conquered by Dark Jedi who adopted their form of magic in Sinis’ lifetime. These Jedi called themselves Sith Lords. The first known Sith Lord of recorded history was Darth Scarz. In imitation of the Jedi Holocron, the Sith made their own holocron, the Sith Holocron. The tension between the two sides eventually came to a head at the Battle of Omicras, the first major conflict between the Sith and Jedi. Nonetheless, the Sith Lords remained and continued to grow the Sith Order including non-Sith species in their Order, as one Sith Dynasty succeeded another.

Kaja Sinis slew 3 Sith Lords and 17 Dark Jedi in his life due to their attacks on the Jedi. The 3 Sith Lords were Darth Mirage, Darth Sinistar and Darth Horrar. The 17 Dark Jedi were discovered and slain in the Dungstaka Uprising on the planet Natisular. Kaja Sinis was eventually assassinated at the ripe age of 187 under the orders of Prince Ganchok Krancore of Utarius, by a bounty hunter named Harbontin Dumis. Dumis slew Sinis by means of a fireball explosion, from which the tradition of burning a Jedi in a funeral pyre originated. After Sinis’ death, Beerus took over the Jedi Order. He recorded a prophecy made to him by Kaja Sinis in the Jedi Holocron. It regarded the One who would bring Balance to the Force. Shintor Beerus survived to the age of 174. His Jedi Holocron was lost and not rediscovered for several millennia.

Several millennia of strife between Jedi and Sith ensued. 5,000 years before The Phantom Menace, a Dark Jedi named Jeer Dexton created the Order of the Dark Jedi, who refused the discipline of the Sith. The Sith continued as well. 4,000 years before The Phantom Menace, the Sith were ruled by Darth Revan, succeeded by his apprentice, Darth Malak. Darth Revan was slain by a Force avalanche. Darth Malak was seriously injured in a duel with Jedi Knight Kylo Spartos, which is why Darth Malak lost most of his jaw. Other important Sith of note in Sith History are Darth Tantalon and Darth Cladar of Ropetru. The legendary Darth Tantalon was one of the ten most powerful Sith in regards to Force ability. He was slain by a Force fireball. Darth Cladar was the physically strongest Sith ever. Darth Kanamite was the dumbest Sith ever and lasted only a few days as a Sith. He was a short-lived apprentice in the Sith Order of Darth Bane. Kanamite died on his first mission.

While the dark side of the Force created many great warriors, the light side of the Force did as well. 2,000 years before The Phantom Menace, the most formidable light saber fighter before Yoda lived, the amazing Yendar Platis. Yendar Platis had six arms and could use six light sabers at a time. Another fascinating Jedi was the renowned Jedi scientist Crutus Penari. Penari succeeded in creating a yellow-bladed light saber, which could actually slice through any other light saber. This light saber was called the Penari light saber. The Jedi Council considered the light saber too dangerous and it was destroyed with its blueprints. Of even greater note than either Yendar Platis or Crutus Penari was the beautiful Ce Ce Denowai from the planet Rotteron. She had a higher midichlorian count than any female Jedi ever. Of course, the Jedi had to have their clumsier, less intelligent Jedi. The biggest buffoon of the Jedi was Zistar Flamgag.


Eventually came the Dynatic Sith Dynasty, about 1,000 years before The Phantom Menace. Sith Lord Qodis trained Darth Bane in the arts of the Sith. Darth Bane never completed his training and rejected his master, but managed to gain possession of the Sith Holocron. All Sith were wiped out at the Battle of Gradon. Only Darth Bane and his apprentice survived, a young woman named Ishto Papar from the planet Nibon. Ishto Papar left Darth Bane to become the fabled Dark Woman, who fled Darth Bane and returned to the light side of the Force in hiding. The Dark Woman found a means to make herself virtually immortal and lived to train Aurra Sing the Herclu.

Darth Bane took on a new apprentice, whom he dubbed Darth Seer. With Darth Seer, he hid upon Coruscant, where the Sith were to remain for several generations. Darth Bane established a Rule of Two, only one master and one apprentice at a time, the sole inheritors of the Dynatic Sith Dynasty.

Upon his death of old age, Darth Seer established a formalized Code for the Sith Order, recruiting the next Sith, Darth Mongerer, who followed his code. One rule was of course, the Rule of Two. Another was that a Sith apprentice needed to construct his own light saber and it had to be red-bladed. The secret to making a red-bladed Sith light saber was to be found in the Sith Holocron. The Sith Holocron was encrypted by a password code containing a long series of Sith words. Darth Seer further insisted the title “Darth” which merely meant “shadow warrior” be made equivalent with the title “Lord” in honor of Darth Bane. This was to remind all future Sith that being a Sith Lord meant always being a warrior.

Darth Seer died of old age, succeeded by his apprentice. Darth Mongerer faithfully continued the Order of the Sith in hiding on Coruscant. A Jedi dueled and beheaded Darth Mongerer, but Mongerer hid the fact that he was a Sith and his apprentice succeeded him as Sith Master. Around this time, Yoda D’Kana the Whill was born on Grentarik, the World of Records. Yoda’s father, Syville Demetris D’Kana, allowed his son to be taken in by the Jedi Order at a young age. Yoda trained under Bontu Sitmus the orange Whill. Bontu Sitmus trained under Losho Yik. Bontu Sitmus became a legend in his own lifetime by slaying 7 Dark Jedi at a single time, all by himself.

Two centuries into the Dynatic Sith Dynasty, the Sith Lord Darth Gilgon discovered Darth Augor on the planet Nefeyi. The young Darth Augor grew to become one of the greatest Sith of all time. Darth Gilgon was slain with a Force tornado, making Darth Augor the Master. Darth Augor slew dozens of Jedi, but was in turn ambushed and slain by 17 Jedi, including the young Yoda. Darth Augor concealed his identity as a Sith and the Sith Order continued undetected.

When Yoda was 177, the Jedi Holocron kept by Shintor Beerus was rediscovered, prophesying the One who would bring Balance to the Force. Yoda was a more formidable Jedi than Evins Croslod and even Aenon Jurtis, the most formidable Jedi before his time. Many considered Yoda to be the fulfillment of the prophecy, but upon examining the Holocron, Yoda could not be the One, for the One would be born of a virgin mother. Yoda was trained by Bontu Sitmus, who in turn had been trained by Tracktius Mutheon.

Yoda rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a member of the Jedi Council under Lady Lidius Frotgus. Under her, the Jedi Holocron kept by Shintor Beerus was rediscovered. Yoda lived during the rise of the most powerful Dark Jedi ever (with the exception of the Sith). This Dark Jedi was Norius Havok of Eegius, who lived 150 years before the events of The Phantom Menace.

Unnoticed to the Jedi, one Sith succeeded another on Coruscant, eventually leading up to Darth Frordon of Dresdane. On Dresdane, Frordon set up a duel between his apprentice Baltimort and Baltimort’s potential replacement, Imperius. Baltimort and Imperius were each Baraosi, both from the planet Bothiwite, also known as Tindell 5, the fifth planet of the Tindell Star System. Since Imperius had a collection of kyber crystals, but was less experienced than Baltimort, Imperius and Baltimort teamed up against Frordon. Baltimort became Imperius’ master, until Imperius slew Baltimort by an ever-growing collection of kyber crystals and heightened skill. Imperius slew Baltimort by means of a Force earthquake.

After this, Imperius apprenticed a young boy from Naboo, Dantius Palpatine and dubbed him Darth Sidious. Imperius had several kyber crystals and eventually gave Palpatine one of these kyber crystals. The kyber crystals were forged by the Rodar Wizards of Perdonis and scattered throughout the Galaxy, about 100,000 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. Unbeknownst to Imperius, Palpatine had found a far more potent kyber crystal than anything Imperius had. Palpatine located it on the planet Moovis, which he purchased from Ushkar Madcra, a bounty hunter who sold it as junk. This potent kyber crystal made Palpatine too powerful for his master to control. On the planet Skaggis, Palpatine sliced off Imperius’ arms, sliced Imperius in half from head to hip, then finished Imperius off with a Force tornado when Imperius was 52 years old.


Palpatine took on an apprentice named Darth Voltres. Darth Voltres, while still an apprentice himself, apprenticed Darth Orcron and possibly others, breaking the Sith Rule of Two. Palpatine found out and sliced Darth Voltres in half, from head to torso, then hunted down and slew Darth Orcron as well. (It is possible one of Voltres’ surviving students trained Asajj Ventress of Rattatak, who claimed to be a Sith warrior when Count Dooku discovered her.)

Undaunted, Palpatine sought out a new apprentice. He found a very young Zabrak on Iridonia named Khameir Sarin. Succeeding Palpatine’s tests, Khameir Sarin began to be known as Darth Maul. Before the Sith revealed their existence to the Jedi, Darth Maul succeeded in slaying 3 Jedi: Barco Trellius, Roro Fergus and Ji-Dis Flar. Darth Maul revealed himself to the Jedi, as shown in The Phantom Menace.

Some of the Jedi in The Phantom Menace were in fact the most powerful Jedi in history. Not only was Yoda of Grentarik one of the most powerful Jedi ever, but so were some of his colleagues on the Jedi Council including Plo Koon of Dorin, Yarael Poof the Quermian, Even Piell the Lannik and, of course, the amazing Mace Windu. Yarael Poof was trained by Zinkor Dawn and Even Piell was trained by Haccor Topkin.

Mace Windu came from Erberius and was related to another formidable Jedi, Usby Thape. However, Mace Windu ended up being trained by someone he was not related to, Cloto Nervon. Mace Windu in turn trained Depa Billaba and Ipto Follers, and fought Dark Jedi Barkius Zok. Let us not forget Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Qui-Gon Jinn came from planet Hargithon. Obi-Wan was born on the yellow rocky world of Pilegias. As a very young boy, he was found on the planet Kelchase and given by his parents to the Jedi Order.


After the death of Darth Maul, Palpatine immediately sought out three potential apprentices; Sifo Dyas, Detori (Darth Rage), a cyborg Toban from Yetis and Dakkus Vitrich’s Jedi student, Count Jard Dooku of Serreno (Darth Tyranus). Detori grew up as a youth on Sevara, just past Iridonia and was there found by Palpatine for training. Palpatine first approached Sifo Dyas. Palpatine had asked Sifo Dyas to become a Sith, since the Kaminoans were expecting his visit. Sifo Dyas refused and Palpatine slew him by a Force fireball and Force earthquake. Palpatine then approached Detori and Count Dooku, who each accepted the possibility of apprenticeship. The two were to duel for the position of apprentice. Before the duel could be set up, Plo Koon fought Darth Rage in a fierce light-saber duel, eventually destroying Darth Rage by a Force avalanche. Before dying, Darth Rage denied being a Sith and claimed to act alone.

Count Dooku became Darth Tyranus, Palpatine’s apprentice, in less than a year after the events of The Phantom Menace. One of his first missions was to order a clone army as Sifo Dyas, who was on his way to Kamino. (Sifo Dyas was an Ogdarian born on the asteroid world of Esiken, and discovered by the Jedi when he moved to Allistare.) Count Dooku had Billigo Hilgobottomager (a Jedi master of disguise and possibly a changeling) pretend to be Sifo Dyas and order an army cloned from the bounty hunter, Jango Fett. Jango Fett had proven himself as the best bounty hunter throughout the Galaxy by always beating the formidable cyborg Montross to a mark.

Palpatine and Count Dooku quickly found a Jedi to aid them in their nefarious plans to take over the Galaxy. His name was Visivious Drakarn. Drakarn was born on Gishomire, where his parents gave him over to the Jedi Order. Drakarn was a rebellious student and as punishment at age 17, was sent to Melbius Prime to work for a Jedi charity organization. Drakarn was resentful for this punishment and took the opportunity to get revenge on the Jedi once he was allowed to return to Coruscant at age 20. Recruited by Count Dooku on Coruscant for the task, Drakarn erased the files concerning the existence of Kamino. This act remained unnoticed for years.

Dooku thought he was gaining much power in the Dark Side, but Palpatine was merely utilizing Count Dooku as a tool. As Count Dooku unified the Separatists, Palpatine brought adepts of the Dark Side into his conspiracy. He made Sly Moore of Umbara his secretary, due to her ability to read minds. He befriended two Jedi during this period, considering which one he would choose to replace Dooku as an apprentice. Their names were Anakin Cleevon Skywalker of Thessius and the little known Vorron Tastras. Though Palpatine’s relationship with Vorron Tastras remains largely unknown, it is known that he utilized the skill of the Dark Jedi assassin known as Xio Jade, the first “Emperor’s Hand” and aunt of Mara Jade.

Though Anakin would always consider Tatooine his home world, he was actually born on Thessius. Thessius was a watery island world Anakin’s mother Shmi Skywalker moved to. She was sold as a slave and taken to Tatooine, but was originally herself from the planet Cardonas. While Palpatine and Dooku were growing in the power of the dark side, Anakin was growing in the good side of the Force. This did not prevent him from negotiations. In fact, the negotiations he had with the rogue Halbertas on the planet Verkig got quite aggressive.

The events depicted in Attack of the Clones transpired. These were followed by the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars, Count Dooku found Asajj Ventress on Rattatak. She claimed to be a Sith warrior and though Count Dooku rejected this claim, he agreed to instruct her and utilize her skills. He found a cyborg, from Disicon, whom he trained in the arts of a Dark Jedi as well, though only to the level of padawan. This cyborg was known as General Grievous, the Droid Army Leader. He could wield four light sabers at once, by splitting his two robotic arms into four. General Grievous was kept alive and made into a cyborg by a scientific genius named Sago Milius.

After the Clone Wars, the events of Star Wars: Episode 3 occurred. Anakin Skywalker slew Count Dooku, and became the infamous Darth Vader. After a violent duel, Obi-Wan left Anakin for dead on the lava planet of Mustafar, but Palpatine revived Anakin, giving him his cyber-genetic suit and possibly placed a chip in Anakin’s suit by which Palpatine held the life of Anakin in his hands. (All the means by which Palpatine held Vader in his power are not known, and the chip will not likely figure into Episode 3.) Anakin, now known as Darth Vader (meaning "The Dreaded Tormentor" in the ancient Sith language), made sure Dooku’s surviving minions would soon meet their doom. Asajj Ventress, General Grievous, Visivious Drakarn, Billigo Hilgobottomager and Shatar Hooslun would not survive Palpatine’s purge against Force users.

Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor and reorganized the Senate under his rule, renaming it the Imperial Senate. He legitimized his rule with the aid of the highest court in the Galaxy, the Supreme Tribunal, located on the planet Granicus. The head of the Tribunal was the Consul, Cos Dashit of Alderaan. Dashit decided to cast his vote in favor of making Chancellor Palpatine the Emperor. Other members of the Supreme Tribunal who supported Cos Dashit included Son Hhat of Granicus, Mara Horus of Townowi, Crispin Hoedaak of Aquilae and the obese Vantos Coll.

Through Darth Vader and others, Palpatine established the Galactic Empire and executed the Jedi Purge. Thousands upon thousands of Jedi were massacred. The Order of 10,000 Jedi virtually disappeared. Great Jedi were just memories. Rido Fander, one of the ten greatest Jedi ever, was no more. Chase Hintock, the Bomewright Jedi scientist of Sullest, who aided Anakin in constructing his light saber, was dead. The golden haired, yellow-skinned Jedi of Ord Mantell, Nebar Foxis, was considered the best looking male Jedi of his time. He died valiantly defending the Jedi children on Coruscant. Dethal Vangris, the prettiest Jedi throughout the Galaxy, was gone. Other Force Users were eliminated as well, such as the peaceful Sutrans, the Biotans and the powerful female Vortari, which took their name in honor of their founder, Lady Vortari.

The only Force Users to survive were those lucky enough to remain in hiding on remote worlds. We know some members of E.T.’s species, which were Sutrans, survived. However, most Force-sensitive individuals were tracked down by Grand Inquisitor Tremayne and were either made to submit their abilities to Emperor Palpatine’s rule or perish. Under Tremayne and a warrior named Lettow, a dark side elite developed. The dark side warriors who submitted to the Emperor were called the Legions of Lettow. According to the Expanded Universe, the Emperor’s Dark Side Elite included Nefta, Sa-Di, Executor Sedriss and others. Assassins with Force ability were brought into the fold as well. They were called the “Emperor’s Hands” and included such notables as Mara Jade. Each “Emperor’s Hand” was led to believe they were the sole Emperor’s Hand, giving them great self confidence. Aurra Sing the Herclu supported the Jedi Purge, seeking out her master, the fabled Dark Woman. Ironically, Aurra Sing was slain by a Jedi, Nto Boraj, who did not survive the purge himself.

The Emperor appointed Sate Pestage as his Grand Vizier to control the mundane aspects of the Empire. No one saw the Emperor without his permission. Emperor Palpatine made Armand Isard his Director of Intelligence and Ved Kennede the Master Royal Guardsman, in charge of training the Royal Guardsmen. Other important Imperial Dignitaries included Janus Greejatus, Kren Blista-Vanee, Sim Aloo and Ars Dangor. The Grand Moffs and the Grand Admirals were appointed in time, of which Grand Moff Tarkin and Grand Admiral Thrawn are the most notable. Dark Prince Xizor was also held in high esteem by the Emperor. Through Xizor’s criminal organization, Black Sun, the Emperor could successfully direct the criminal elements throughout the Galaxy.


Many Senators rejected the Emperor and organized the Rebellion. The most notable Senator to oppose the Empire was the birdlike Kesselian, Mir Nash. The Rebels unanimously supported Seig Darklighter as their leader. Remaining Jedi like Kane Starkiller of Utapau and Akira Valor of Townowi gathered a handful of the few remaining Jedi. They fled to Aquilae where King Kayos and Queen Breha gave them protection. Kane Starkiller was survived by his son, Deak, who was taken to Tatooine and grew up to be close friends with Luke Skywalker. Akira’s son, Justin Valor, lived on to defend King Kayos children; Prince Oeta, Prince Puck and Princess Zara. Seig Darklighter, Kane Starkiller, Akira Valor and his son Justin Valor, were tracked down by Darth Vader and the Legions of Lettow. None of them lived to see the Jedi Order rise again.

Yoda and Obi-Wan remained in hiding for decades, until the events of Star Wars: The Classic Trilogy. In the final Episode of the Classic Trilogy, Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader killed Palpatine, saving the life of his son, Luke Skywalker. Darth Vader died, returning to the light side of the Force. The heroes of the Classic Trilogy continued to have their adventures. Han Solo of Corellia married Leia Organa of Alderaan and had three children, Anakin, Jacen, and Jaina. Luke Skywalker of Tatooine married Mara Jade and fathered Ben Skywalker. Chewbacca of Kashyyyk and Lando Calrissian of Zaskus.

Most of the events between Star Wars Episodes have been detailed in the Expanded Universe, but have not been detailed by Lucas himself. According to the Expanded Universe, between Episode 6: Return of the Jedi and Episode 7, Emperor Palpatine was succeeded by his Grand Vizier, Sate Pestage. He was in turn replaced by Director of Intelligence, Ysanne Isard. Grand Admiral Thrawn, a Chiss from Csilla, returned from the Unknown Regions to take over the weakened Empire. Following his assassination, Emperor Palpatine returned to rule in a clone body. His Royal Guardsman, Carnor Jax, arranged for all clone bodies of Emperor Palpatine to be damaged. Carnor Jax was slain by the last faithful Royal Guardsman, Kir Kanos. Carnor Jax was succeeded by the Imperial Interim Ruling Council, headed by Burr Nolyds. He was assassinated by the Yuuzhan Vong agent Nom Anor, as were the two elected heads after him, first Admiral Banjeer, then General Immodet. Under the direction of Lord Manos, a Devaronian, they eventually elected Xandel Carivus. Carivus, in a foolish sense of pride, declared himself Emperor. Upon his assassination, the Republic was once again restored to its former position, upon the growing threat posed by the Yuuzhan Vong. Leia Organa Solo was now recognized throughout the Galaxy as the undisputed Chief of State.


In Episode 7, the Jedi had been reorganized, but so had the Dark Jedi, led by Shindor of Brontic. These Dark Jedi carried not only purple, blue and green-bladed light sabers, but yellow, orange, white and black-bladed light sabers as well. The main opponent in Episode 7 was one of the chief Dark Jedi under Shindor, Spiden of Volotta. Aided by Asp, a changeling spy from Sentor, Spiden and Shindor controlled a powerful new order of Dark Jedi. Neither Shindor nor Spiden were Sith, for the Sith were truly extinct, no longer to terrorize the Galaxy. The war between the Dark Jedi and Luke’s New Jedi Order are all part of Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy, Episodes 7, 8, and 9. In the Sequel Trilogy, the threat of the Dark Jedi is vanquished, eliminating the dark side of the Force forever.

Luke Skywalker and his sister, Leia Organa Solo, continued in their positions of leadership. 20 years after Episode 7, they entered into negotiations with the fierce Raverons of the Unknown Regions. The Raverons attempted to take over the Republic, breaking their negotiations. Luckily, the Raverons failed. Luke and Leia lived to be well over 100 years old. With Leia’s passing, Grone Tisal, Chief of Coruscant Secret Security, became the next elected Chief of State. The Jedi Order continued to prosper and protect the Galaxy under Luke’s son, Ben Skywalker. Peace was established throughout the Galaxy.


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